Monday, November 2, 2009

The Power of 5

By: Heath Andrews

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the dizzying array of apparel available at stores nowadays? Disillusioned shoppers often fall prey to impulse buying, which leads to uninformed clothing purchases. Unfortunately, this usually leaves the ill-fated consumer with a walk-in full of mismatched separates and a healthy dose of buyer’s remorse. Or, maybe you find yourself only buying clothing in sets and never deviate from wearing the same top with its matching counterpart. Unfortunately, that can make for very monotonous dressing.

So what is the solution to these wardrobe dilemmas? The power of 5. This technique does not require divine intervention and will not break the bank. Armed with a little know-how, you can magically create 8 coordinating outfits with just 5 well chosen garments. It’s called ‘Capsule Dressing’ and is the simplest, most economical way to dress. Think about the possibilities! Clothing capsules are perfect for traveling – 5 easy care pieces are all you need for a week long trip.

Here’s how it works. Choose 1 Jacket, 2 Tops, and 2 Bottoms in coordinating colors/prints. Voila. You just made 8 easy-to-wear outfits for about $36 an outfit. Want an irresistible deal? Become a Hostess. With $1000 in show sales you can get your 5-piece capsule for as little as $77. That’s just $9.50 an outfit!

Bottom #1 + top #1
Bottom #1 + Top #1 + Jacket
Bottom #1 + Top #2
Bottom #1 + Top #2 + Jacket
Bottom #2 + Top #1
Bottom #2 + Top #1 + Jacket
Bottom # 2 + Top #2
Bottom # 2 + Top #2 + Jacket

Later, get 4 more outfits by adding one new garment or something you already own! Use the ‘Power of 5’ strategy when you shop with us, at the store, or in your closet. You’ll be amazed at the results. The best part of capsule dressing is its customized design. Tailor it specifically to fit your lifestyle, figure, and preferences. Isn’t it nice to know your knowledgeable kikaPaprika Fashion Consultant will help you each step of the way?
Here are 3 variations to get you started.

The next time you’re at a kikaPaprika show, make sure you harness the ‘Power of 5’ by creating your own 5 piece capsule. That’s what we call shopping smart!

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