Monday, November 2, 2009

A Letter About kikaPaprika:

"I had actually never heard of this company until I went to my friend Carmen's this past weekend. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was REALLY pleasantly surprised. I got there a little late and there was already a frenzy of women trying on clothes. What amazed me the most was the styles/fit of the clothing line and how they were designed to fit so many body types--so many of the same design fit many women in a very flattering way. It was super-stylish and versitile for anyone who works in an office, needs to look "business casual", and who also likes to be comfortable (ie, also yoga type wear). The bonus is that the fabric is environmentally friendly (and it "travels" well for suitcase packing). I care about that, but let's be honest--most of us women find it a bit challenging at times to find things that fit our unique shapes, flatters us, and looks stylish and professional. That is what surprised me most is that there were several things I liked that fit well and looked great--I can shop for hours sometimes and not accomplish that on a normal day."
Irvine, CA

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