Monday, October 19, 2009

"Too Busy Not To"

By Heath Andrews, Wisconsin Consultant

Each morning do you wake up to a schedule packed so expertly that your calendar has to be written in code and requires the Rosetta stone for your family to decipher? Does your world titter precariously as you struggle to balance job, family, and community commitments? Let me guess, there’s simply not one minute unaccounted for—business meetings, grocery shopping, soccer games, and homework assignments stacked upon each other like a house of cards. One wrong move and your world could come toppling down.
There are so many things tugging at today’s modern woman. You naturally push your own needs aside while tirelessly caring for everyone else until you can’t remember the last time you put your feet up, soaked in the tub or went shopping with your friends. What if we told you that you are too busy not to enjoy a relaxing, personal kikaPaprika shopping experience? Impossible? O contraire! kikaPaprika is the perfect wardrobe solution for even the most hectic lifestyle. Did you know that you can indulge in a relaxing 90 minutes with friends or a private appointment attended by your own personal Fashion Consultant—for free? Or that kikaPaprika offers an entire collection of exclusive, eco-chic fashions so flattering, comfortable and versatile that you can make 8 outfits with just 5 pieces—and there’s no ironing or dry cleaning? That means each outfit only costs about $35. When was the last time a trip to the mall did that?
kikaPaprika’s innovative designs pair eco-friendly fabrics with contemporary styles created to flatter a woman’s figure. Why schlep around the mall for hours only to be frustrated and disappointed with ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothing? Now you don’t have to. Your kikaPaprika consultant is trained to help you select garments that will flatter your specific shape and fit your lifestyle. She will also help you customize a color palette to suit your tastes and maximize your wardrobing options. How ingenious!
With a wardrobe of easy care fashions, gone are the wasted hours agonizing over what to wear and endless rendezvous with your ironing board and dry cleaners. The way we see it, that should leave you with just enough time to enjoy a candlelit bath, a good book, or a power walk with your favorite pooch. Fashion. Fun. Fast. kikaPaprika--because you’re too busy not to!

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